Nothing says weekend like nachos. The addition of hot sausage makes this a go to for lazy Sundays. Forget ordering in nachos from your favorite restaurant, we have a recipe that will give any chef a run for their money. You can customize the spice in this dish by using more or less jalapenos. Also, […]

A staple in the south is chow-chow. For those who aren’t familiar with chow-chow, its a variety of pickled relish. Its a southern traditional food that is served alone or in combination with other foods. We have a great recipe for you that combines this with smoked sausage. With an extra kick of bbq sauce, […]

Hearty shepherds pie is always a family favorite. With cheese and smoked sausage, our recipe offers a twist on a classic. For those that are unfamiliar with shepherds pie, its a dish that combines vegetables and meat with a crust of mashed potatoes. The meat is normally lamb or beef. Our spin is to use […]

Andouille Sausage and red beans over rice is a traditional southern dish. It’s hearty, spicy and an amazing comfort food. The red beans play off of the Andouille sausage to create a complex flavor. Fortunately, the preparation is quite simple and inexpensive. The ingredient list is pretty small and its mostly spices you already have […]

You’ve never had cornbread like this. Our cornbread could be classified as a main dish rather than a side dish. This will stick to you on the cold weather nights. The addition of hot Italian sausage, jalapeno peppers and jalapeno cheese brings this to a whole new level. It may sound strange to add maple […]