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Any southerner knows you can never have enough grits recipes. Cheesy grits with smoked sausage is a decedent meal. With this casserole, its a great recipe for a weeknight or for a brunch. You can make it ahead of time and just bake it in the oven. It can be made for breakfast, lunch and […]

Who would ever think you could make brunswick stew with smoked sausage? In most typical southern recipes, it is made with pulled pork or chicken. We have an interesting recipe that will change the way you make brunswick stew forever. Usually recipes for brunswick stew vary from region to region. The common element is the […]

It’s an old southern tradition to eat black eyed peas. As the tradition goes, its supposed to bring you prosperity. They are usually cooked with some type of pork for flavoring. Black eyed peas are very unique because of their coloring. They are cream colored with a large black spot at the center. It’s a […]