Giving back to your community

by Uncle John

Give back to your community. Help those less fortunate than you. You’ve heard us say this all the time. It’s perhaps the most important and rewarding thing we have the opportunity to do – feed those who need it most and those doing the most good. In doing so, we’ve been blessed in being able to meet so many other good people doing God’s will. People who not only acted, but dedicated their lives to it.

Parker Street Ministries is one such group of people we’ve had the privilege of working with these past several years. They started off in 1996. A group of Christians called to an impoverished neighborhood in Lakeland, FL. They didn’t just stop to give handouts, but chose to become part of that community and live as neighbors with those they wanted to help. They started in small ways, folding laundry together, helping children with homework, picking up trash, or praying for just about anything. Today, they are now offering over 720 hours of academic enrichment to each child per year to go along with nearly twenty-one thousand healthy meals and snacks overall. They provide Summer programs, wellness programs, financial fitness lessons and provide family-oriented neighborhood events throughout the year – serving an average of 200 residents.

Just this month, while feeding the families at their Summer Splash event, we got to see how much of an impact they’ve made in their community. We encourage those in the area to help out at one of their future events. Meet the grateful neighborhood folks and those helping them such as Tim Mitchell, the Director of Parker Street Ministries.  Either way, give back to your community. Help those less fortunate than you. There are nearly 40 million people living in poverty in the US today – but imagine what this world would be like if we all just helped one.


God Bless,

Uncle John’s Pride

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