Month: July 2017

Butternut Squash Recipe

This quick and easy pasta dish has some extra flavor thanks to Uncle John’s Pride Cooked Italian Sausage! The creamy butternut squash recipe pairs perfectly with Pecorino Romano cheese and sautéed onion. Stovetop to table is only 25 minutes, so your family won’t have to wait too long for this dinner masterpiece. It’s also versatile,… Read More »

Sausage Appetizer

Everyone loves a good sausage appetizer or sausage snack! Packed with protein, they can can tide you over until your next meal. These hard hitters are great as after school snack or as a weekend picnic treat. They are so simple to prepare and have almost zero hands on cooking time. You can make them… Read More »

Gourmet Sausage

Nothing packs more punch for dinner than a stew. This recipe is more of a gourmet sausage stew, one to use when you are having dinner guests. The seasonings and ingredients will impress any of your foodie friends. Its also a healthy recipe. Its only 533 calories per serving, which is excellent as a main… Read More »

Sausage Casserole Recipe

When it comes to meal time, there’s no easier dish to cook up than a sausage casserole recipe! This spicy sausage and egg casserole is the perfect dish to serve up. Whether you’re cooking it up for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, this versatile meal makes for a filling bite that’s delicious too. Whether you’re… Read More »