New Year’s resolutions. What do we know about them? One, they’re almost always broken within the first three months that they’re made, and second, they’re usually always about giving something up. Why? We believe it’s because of two reasons: One, many resolutions are too ambitious from the start, and two, it’s far easier to not… Read More »

Who doesn’t love a great recipe for pigs in blankets? Not only are they adorable, but you can make them with several types of meat in the middle. Naturally, we like to think that using Uncle John’s Pride sausage as the meat is the best choice…and whichever flavor of Uncle John’s Pride sausage you choose,… Read More »

There are a few things you should know as we dash through the holiday season – specifically about sausage. Sausage is an all-American food that goes well in just about any recipe. However, with so many buying options out there, you may find yourself in a state of confusion when trying to pick out the… Read More »

The nearly 80 team members working at Uncle John’s Pride have always considered themselves a part of the family. At the same time, they’ve always known that that family extends well beyond those of who come to work at the Tampa-based sausage company every day; it extends to the local community. “It is a sad… Read More »

Nearly 400 years ago, long before Thanksgiving Day football, and turkeys were receiving pardons on the front lawn of the White House, America (or, as it was called at the time, “the New World”) experienced its very first Thanksgiving. For those of you who haven’t forgotten those third-grade history lessons, the holiday was born when… Read More »