New Year’s resolutions. What do we know about them? One, they’re almost always broken within the first three months that they’re made, and second, they’re usually always about giving something up. Why? We believe it’s because of two reasons: One, many resolutions are too ambitious from the start, and two, it’s far easier to not… Read More »

Who doesn’t love a great recipe for pigs in blankets? Not only are they adorable, but you can make them with several types of meat in the middle. Naturally, we like to think that using Uncle John’s Pride sausage as the meat is the best choice…and whichever flavor of Uncle John’s Pride sausage you choose,… Read More »

Before you trade out all your pumpkins for pine cones, you’ve got to try this delicious and creative recipe! We recommend using our Uncle John’s Pride Hot Smoked Sausage for best results. What you’ll need:  Ingredients 4 mini pumpkins (about 1 pound each) 8 ounces UJP Hot Smoked Sausage – finely diced 5 eggs 4… Read More »

Delicious recipe alert! Having a healthy lifestyle and diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy rich and flavorful foods. Take pizza for example; sometimes this can be one of the unhealthiest food choices out there. It’s so tasty, but is it good for us? With so many options to make certain foods healthier, we came… Read More »

This hearty dish is a favorite here at Uncle John’s. Why? Well, for starters, it includes four of our favorite food groups: Sausage, beer, cheese, and macaroni. Add a bit of Cayenne Pepper and Garlic and you’ve got a spicy hot entrée for a cool Fall evening. Ingredients: 1 lb Uncle John’s Pride Mild Sausage… Read More »