National Sausage Month. Another Reason to Celebrate Sausage!

by Uncle John

Since sausage is what we live for, every month is considered “sausage month” at Uncle John’s Pride. But, did you know there really is a National Sausage Month? It’s taking place right now… during the entire month of October! This month-long celebration of smoked sausage of all kinds was started roughly 20 years ago by our friends at the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, and it’s a deliciously fun way to pay tribute to a national treasure: the sausage. Did we say national? What we actually meant was international.
That’s because folks have been cooking up sausage since mankind’s earliest days. According to the Atlas Obscura, “in 1500 BC, ancient Babylonians and Egyptians were making sausages in all kinds of strange ways.” While we’d perhaps like to think sausage is distinctly an American treat, well, that’s just not the case (no pun intended!). The Atlas Obscura goes on to say, “In China, there’s lap cheong, a smoked pork sausage sometimes flavored with rose water or rice wine, or yun chang, a duck liver sausage; in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian nations, people eat a traditional horse meat sausage called kazy; the Greeks have long enjoyed loukanika, a pork sausage mixed with orange peel and fennel; Britons also love sausages, from breakfast chipolatas to the classic Cumberland.” So, you see, sausage truly is an international sensation, and well worth celebrating. But the best sausage to put in your mouth any time of year is Uncle Johns Pride Country Smoked Sausage, cooked for hours over natural hickory smoke right here in sunny Florida.
Did you also know that National Sausage Month, as luck would have it, happens to fall on the calendar at the same time as Oktoberfest, another celebration of sausage? So, here’s an idea; let’s celebrate National Sausage Month Oktoberfest style, with beer-soaked brats (with Uncle John’s Pride bratwursts of course!) Or if bratwurst doesn’t strike your fancy, you can also use any of your favorite Uncle John’s Pride sausages. From Country to Cajun, Cheddar to Jalapeño, our smoked sausage is the best grillin’ sausage there is.
Now, we all know that Oktoberfest is about beer, and that sausage and beer go together like cheese and crackers; you almost can’t have one without the other. But, did you know that sausage also goes great in beer? In addition to consuming beer with sausage, fresh sausage can also be parboiled in beer and then fried or grilled.
So, here’s what you do before you fire up your grill. Grab yourself your favorite heavy skillet.
Place four or five Uncle John’s Pride sausages in the skillet and then cover them in your favorite beer (chefs call this “parboiling,” by the way!).
Heat the pan and beer to a low boil and cook your sausages until they’re gray throughout, which generally takes about 15 minutes. You may want to turn them occasionally during the process so that they cook evenly.
Once they’re ready to come out of the skillet, put them on the grill and sizzle ‘em up good! Add more beer… this time to your glass instead of the skillet, and celebrate National Sausage Month with a classic Oktoberfest feast…smoking hot, parboiled and grilled sausage sandwiches accompanied by an ice-cold glass of beer! Hope you enjoy…and prost! (German for “cheers!”)

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